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Hello, I am Mara Levi, embarking on a journey through my blog to explore the rich tapestry of my past and future all through the lens of cooking.

Cooking has been a constant companion throughout my life, from the earliest days of childhood. Along the way, I've eagerly embraced the opportunity to sample new cuisines, honing my palate to discern the subtle nuances of flavor. Additionally, I have a passion for hosting gatherings and creating memorable experiences for friends and family.

Having worn the hats of a caterer in Dallas and a restauranteur in New York, I now find myself in the role of a teacher, eager to impart the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from my culinary adventures over the years.

I invite you to join me on this nostalgic journey through my blog, as well as in our cooking classes on Long Island, where we can come together to celebrate the simple joys of cooking and baking, creating delicious food to share with those we love.

Please feel free to email me. Comments are also welcome.

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